Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Expectations or damnit I want it now!

I have unrealistic expectations - I freely admit it, and it has been hard working with them to get them realistic.

Well, consider - when it was just osteoarthritis, I was prescribed medicine that had an almost immediate effect. For two years, I managed things until the recent flare-ups that tipped my doctors off to the RA.

I am now close to a year in my current treatment for RA, and so far my levels have remained elevated and not to my doc's (nor my) satisfaction.  So far I have been through Methotrexate and Enbrel. 

It's far from perfect. 

Granted, I am walking and writing, but I have dull aches.  Everywhere.

It's not on a major owwie scale, but it is enough to tire me.  I take more naps than I am used to - not helpful when you are trying to lose the thirty pounds you've gained during your stint on Prednisone.

Which is about the only recent good news I've received - my doc has officially taken me off of the steroids - yea?  The damage is done, my appetite is screwed and the weight is on.

I miss the days of simple and immediate effects.  I know I have a road to travel to get this RA managed - I just wish it was now.

Impatiently patient,

RAmbling Girl

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